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 All prints are produced on 8.5 x 11 inch 100 lb paper yet the image itself could be smaller and will be listed in the title. Usual image sizes are 8x10, 5x7 etc. The larger paper size will allow for multiple framing size options on images that are smaller than the paper. All limited edition prints are signed by SHEA and numbered according to the series. Typical series of 50. You will receive a randomly selected & numbered print. The frame if shown is not included with your purchase. Limited edition art print safely packaged in plastic wrap and supported with corrugated backing. 

Spring Rain 2018 5x7 copy
Pollination 2018 5x7 copy
A Splash of Winter 2018 5x7 copy
Fall Brush 2018 5x7 copy
Almost Perfect 2018 5x7 copy
Meadow Flowers 2018 5x7 copy
Snowy Meadow 2018 5x7 copy
Spring Marsh 2018 5x7 copy
Squash 2018 5x7 copy
Wooded Whisper 2018 5x7 copy
Marty 2014 8x10 copy
Mandy 2014 8x10 copy
Herb 2014 8x10 copy
Light It 2013 8x10 copy
En Quatro 2015 8x10 copy
Soul of a Man 2015 8x10 copy
Springtime Stroll 2015 8x10 copy
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Spring Rain 5x7

Pollination 5x7

A Splash of Winter 5x7

Fall Brush 5x7

Almost Perfect 5x7

Meadow Flowers 5x7

Snowy Meadow 5x7

Spring Marsh 5x7

Squash 5x7

Wooded Whisper 5x7

Marty 8x10

Mandy 8x10

Herb 8x10

Light It 8x10

En Quatro 8x10

Soul of a Man 8x10

Springtime Stroll 8x10


*Free Shipping on 16x20 originals or smaller prints (excludes "Live Performance Prints", Free delivery on larger art within 100 miles from studio. Over 100 miles has a $1 per mile delivery fee or you may choose a set shipping cost of aprox. $100 for distances greater than 200 miles on paintings 3ft x 4ft and smaller.  Shipping to continental US only. Oversized (greater than 3x4 ft) require special delivery or pick up only.

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